James Kolsby



The first real short I've ever been able to make, produced over the past two months with a great group of people. Filmed on the GH4 with a speedbooster and Nikon 12-24 lens. Certain angles employed a telephoto. Shots from outside the car were mounted onto a steel plate screwed onto two industrial suction cups.
All of the audio production was done inside Premiere from folley and dialogue recorded by an NTG-3 into the DR60D's preamps.


When an agreement from his past surfaces, Satan comes back to ask a favor. A short series of clips for a fictional web series.
Featuring Parker Wierling and Harrison Lyle. Drums by Matthee Boutte.
Created for the Weekend Challenge

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy Adaptation

A vocal performance by Catt McCreary with accompaniment by me and Griffin Baumberger. This was really our first shot at music production and mastering in Logic, so the product isn't quite as polished as it could be with a bit more experience.
The video was filmed on a Lumix GH4 with a Nikkor 12-24mm f4 and Metabones Speedbooster. The car is Cole's 1974 Formula 400 Firebird driven around various parts of Atlanta.

High Altitude Balloon Video

Video made as the Lovett Makers Club's entry into the Global Space Balloon Challenge. The last launch took off 20 miles northeast of Atlanta and landed east of Charlotte, North Carolina (~300 miles away). The flight lasted around five hours with the balloon reaching apogee at around 85,000 feet. This balloon flew less far, landing on a roof around Kennesaw, Georgia. It was picked up by the local fire department who graciously saved it from a police investigation


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Makers Club Introduction Videos

A set of two simple videos advertising the Makers Club to the rest of my high school. Short, sweet, and to the tune of 2001.

Lovett Football Hype Video

Video shot during my high school's game versus Pace Academy in September for the coming game against Westminster. Shot on a Canon 60D and Rebel T3i with Cole JOHNSON.

Innovation Atlanta

Here's the website I built for a consulting enterprise by the name of Innovation Atlanta. Not only the largest but also the most detailed website I have ever built, this project in total took me about a week from start to finish. One thing I had no prior experience with is large amounts of copy to layout on the page. While this may seem to be a fairly trivial obstacle, what made it so difficult is also the reason that the stylesheets for this website were so complex: the page is responsive. This was the first responsive website I had ever built, and the results are as rewarding as they were difficult to achieve.

Gatsby Prom Introduction

I made this video with Cole Johnson to introduce the theme of my high school's prom. It was filmed using both a Canon 60D and T3i, edited in Final Cut 7, and colored in Apple Color. A lot of the footage turned out underexposed for which Color was unable to compensate. The scene is very noisy at some points.

AP French Timer

This is just a simple Javascript timer preset with intervals for the AP French exam. Also worth noting is that the website was styled with CSS @media queries, meaning that it is responsive. One of the first responsive websites I ever made in fact.

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